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BSCW Announce (EN) BSCW version 7,5,4

February 17th 2023

mailing Dear users and administrators of the BSCW software, the new version of BSCW7 Social 7.5.4 is now available. BSCW 7.5.4 is a maintenance release that contains improvements and corrections from numerous customer feedbacks. BSCW instances of customers that are supported by OrbiTeam (maintenance or hosting contracts) are automatically updated, so no further action is required. As usual, further information about the individual changes can be found in the changelog of the distributi ...Continue Reading

BSCW Announce (EN) BSCW versions 5.2.6 and 5.3.0

December 15th 2022

mailing Dear users and administrators of the BSCW software, the new versions of [1]BSCW5 Classic 5.2.6 and 5.3.0 are available as of today. BSCW 5.2.6 is a maintenance release. After penetration tests by the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security) and by T-Systems, further security improvements have been made. In particular, the included jQuery Javascript library has been updated and a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the "mobile" package has been fixed. ...Continue Reading

BSCW Announce (EN) Security updates BSCW versions 5 and 7

November 17th 2021

mailing Dear users and administrators of the BSCW software, the new versions of [1]BSCW Classic 5.2.5 and [2]BSCW Social 7.4.4 are available as of today. Both versions contain fixes for critical security vulnerabilities that have been corrected during further intensive security audits (thanks to Armin Stock <>). Specifically, the corrected vulnerabilities will be published in the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures database ( and on our website ...Continue Reading

BSCW Announce (EN) Message

October 17th 2019

mailing Dear BSCW users and administrators, a new version of [1]BSCW-Classic software is now available: the new version BSCW 5.2.3 is a service release for the current BSCW version 5.2 and contains a number of bug fixes and minor new features. More details on the new version are provided in the changelog of the distribution. The new release is available for [2]download on our website. As usual, customers of our BSCW hosted services will automatically be migrated to the new relea ...Continue Reading